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As mentioned before, the site is still currently under construction.


I am a family man. I have been near-fanatical about education both formal and informal. I believe in self-study as well as group learning.

I believe in all forms of intelligence according to Garners Theory of Multiple Intelligences. So, learning about many things is a lifelong hobby of mine.

I have been living in the Republic of South Korea for some time now.

I started this website to share study notes, write articles, and share useful information with family, friends, and anyone curious.

A theme of this website is to prove you all with information that is usually hidden in plain sight but may need a second take; or, I want to share information that would be plain to see but has not yet been given a fair shake or put under wraps. I also want to share information about education, especially during these times when suits thousands of miles away think it's a fine idea to keep children and youth out of school. I also want to share info about current events or products I've used such as games or movies; now, for the most part, things will be kept clean as this is a family-friendly place. However, some information about subjects or materials found in the subject matter I'll share such as movies, shows, or even stories in the Bible is meant for teens and up. So, please keep the aforementioned in mind when navigating the blogs and articles.


I will always endeavor to make informed, researched, and high-quality blogs, articles, stories, and or reviews. It may take some time to post new content, as I want to ensure things are free from errors be them grammatical or information wise.

One last thing, I know healthy disagreement is good. It can be hard to empathize with someone when not face to face. I am a proponent of free speech, nevertheless, if you guys and gals debate, please do so respectfully.


Thank you for visiting!